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Boutique events

Looking for a space to host your event? Studio Penelope is the perfect setting for your small scale event like business meetings, private dinners or pr and product launches.

Studio Penelope will also be happy to be the decor for your film or photoshoot. 

We have 90m2 to fill with joy, laughter, serious business and/or creativity. Above that you can enjoy a private terrace of 16m2.

noon               08 to 12                        € 250,-
afternoon        13 to 18                        € 275,-
evening           18 to 23                        € 325,-
working day    08 to 18                        € 400,-
full day            08 to 23                        € 505,-
prices are excl. VAT.


Coffee, tea and water at your disposal for free. 

If you want a stuffed fridge with drinks and snacks or want to discuss any catering options please email us with your requests on